What is an LED floor tile screen?


LED floor tile screens are LED display screens specifically designed for ground display, also known as LED floor screens or interactive LED floor tile screens. It is a novel digital ground full color LED display device that uses video synchronization control to achieve high-resolution soft color display effects. LED floor tile screens not only have a lot of durability, are easy to use, sensitive, easy to install and maintain, but also can add interactive sensing functions according to customized needs.

LED floor tile screens are suitable for scenic spots and some entertainment interactive places, and can achieve a perfect combination of stage virtual landscaping and role-playing interaction. Its surface layer is facial mask treated by sanding skill, which can prevent slipping and glare. In order to meet the needs of outdoor and pedal environments, the protection and heat dissipation of LED floor tile screens are specially treated, allowing for high intensity trampling and long-term display. Its load-bearing capacity can reach 10T, and the weight is very large, ranging from 1.5 to 2 tons.

Overall, LED floor tile screens are a type of LED display screen with excellent performance, convenient use, and wide application. The application range of LED floor tile screens is very wide, and they can be used in various occasions, such as scenic spots, shopping malls, stages, bars, discos, concerts, etc. In these occasions, they can serve as stage backgrounds, atmosphere decorations, interactive entertainment, and other roles.

LED floor tile screens can also be used in outdoor environments, such as scenic spots, squares, commercial streets, etc., where they can be used for various purposes such as advertising, information dissemination, and urban beautification.

In addition, LED floor tile screens can also be used as stage backgrounds or performance props in large-scale events such as sports venues and concerts, bringing more stunning visual effects to the audience.

In short, LED floor tile screens are a very practical type of LED display screen, which can not only be used in various occasions, but also have multiple functions and purposes, which can bring more convenience and fun to people's lives and work.

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